Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Adam Hardy: Temple, Template, Text

If you are in or around Cambridge, the Cambridge Asian Archaeology Group has an upcoming talk.

Professor Adam Hardy (Cardiff University) will be giving a talk entitled

Temple, Template, Text: Making temples in medieval India

Abstract: At Bhojpur in central India where a gigantic temple attributed to the renowned Paramara king Bhoja was left unfinished in the mid-eleventh century. Quarries and incomplete architectural parts are scattered around the temple, and engraved on the rocks are numerous architectural drawings which have been documented for the first time. Ascribed to the same monarch is the Samaranganasutradhara, a Sanskrit treatise on architecture. For the first time its prescriptions are being translated into architectural drawings, a necessary first step for discussing the relationship between a canonical text and the practice of architecture. The talk will discuss how medieval Indian temples were designed, bringing together the drawings, the text, and the evidence provided by buildings themselves.

4.00-5.00pm, South Lecture Room, Division of Archaeology, Downing Site

Open to all.

Image: Bhojpur Mandir. Taken from Wikipedia/Wikimedia Commons and can be freely distributed.

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