Monday, 7 February 2011

Afghanistan: Crossroads of the Ancient World

An upcoming exhibition at the British Museum!

Afghanistan: Crossroads of the Ancient World
Surviving treasures from the National Museum of Afghanistan

"Nearly lost during the years of civil war and Taliban rule, these surviving treasures reveal Afghanistan’s ancient culture, its immense fragility and its remarkable place in world history."

I can't wait for this to open, and am really really excited about it. The events that go along with the exhibition look wonderful as well, and include a talk by William Dalrymple on the First Afghan War, and the current situation in Afghanistan.

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Opens 3 March 2011

Planning a visit?

Image: Gold crown from Tillya Tepe, 1st century AD
"This astonishing object was found in the tomb of a nomadic woman. It was designed and assembled from different pieces which allowed it to be folded when not in use. It is the ultimate example of portable nomadic wealth."
National Museum of Afghanistan © Thierry Ollivier / Musée Guimet


  1. That's extremely beautiful. I would love to visit, but sadly live in Delhi! Could you send the exhibition to Delhi?

  2. I wish! It would be amazing if we could bring something like that to Delhi. I personally thought it was phenomenal. The most amazing thing was seeing how much cultural diversity there was through Afghanistan's history, and how Greek, Indian, and other cultures had been readily absorbed.

    Plus there were very very pretty things to look at.