Thursday, 21 January 2010

Trowel and Error

Not so much an error on the part of the tourism authority...more the tourists who had the bright idea enough times to necessitate a sign.

Photo my own, taken at Saqqara, Egypt. Saqqara is the site of Djoser's (or Zoser) Step Pyramid, which is one of (if not the) oldest pyramid known. Built around 2600 BC, and thus more or less contemporaneous with the beginning of the Mature Harappan!

Not suitable for climbing.


  1. Pyramid climbin' is dangerous work...and down is much worse than up.

    I've been up the pyramid with the highest death toll in Mexico ( and everything would have been fine if these Italians didn't decide to just SIT DOWN ON THE ONLY ROPE and chat. They clearly figured I could just, you know, scramble down the side.

  2. I am envious indeed. I'd love to climb a Mexican pyramid! How does that work with preservation though? The Egyptian ones are in a pretty bad state, especially the older ones at Saqqara, so I wouldn't dream of it there.